How to Participate

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Requesting a Mobile app

Mobile applications can provide solutions that are scalable through location-based services, data collection, ease of use and more. If a mobile app can help your organization improve the communities you serve, App-E-Feat is for you.
Go to “Request a Mobile App” and choose a track that is closest to your organization’s mission. If you need inspiration for how a mobile app can help you, click around and see what other organizations are doing.

We found some information on their website which helped us put together the perfect sign project. It was really easy to install and only took about an hour to get everything looking right.

Once you choose between the nine tracks, fill in all form fields to help describe your problem and specifications around the app you seek.
Submit your app request. You will receive an email confirmation that it is in our systems.
Your app request may take up to 72 hours to appear on the site. Once it does, you can expect emails over the coming weeks every time an engineer responds to your problem.

Designing a Mobile app

Are you a talented IEEE member or volunteer with development skills? You can connect with leading organizations to build apps that improve lives around the world. Here is how you can participate.
Go to “Design a Mobile App” and choose a track and project that you’re passionate about. If you don’t know where to start, tell us what you’re interested in and we’ll connect you with the right organizations.
When you find a project that interests you, click on that project to learn more about its mobile app needs. Then submit all of your information to be connected directly with the organization.
Submit your information. Submission of code is not required to participate. You will receive an email confirmation after submitting.
A representative from the company that posted the problem will contact you within the next 72 hours to work with them directly on their app need.

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